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Plan Your Travel. Share Your Experience.

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Plan your travel. Share your experience.

Salt Lake City, Utah-Travel organizer,, announced the launch of a brand new traveler-focused, interactive website this month.  The state-of-the-art site,, is designed in direct response to the frequent traveler’s request for one easy location to plan and have access to their travel itinerary, keep flight numbers and reservation numbers, share and document their travel experiences and to learn from others’ travel experiences to enhance their future trips.

Chief Marketing Officer at, Joseph Ricks says: “At, we know that most travelers have been frustrated by a misplaced reservation number, lost a journal where they spent time thoughtfully documenting their vacation experience, wound up finding out that there were extra fees, or they have found themselves disappointed by a noisy hotel room, or multiple other travel blunders and disappointments.  We have been told that our site is a phenomenal solution to these travel issues.  We offer a service that is unique and applicable, not-to-mention fun.”

Now you can just say “no” to the travel disappointments like dirty hotel rooms, car rental blunders, bad food, extra fees, and other vacation disasters.  With the popular increase in personal travel experiences being shared between “friends” on, as well as the ability to easily interact with others who have gone to the same travel destinations as you, you can now learn from other traveler’s experiences, preventing some of those travel blunders and disappointments from happening.

With the incredible upsurge in use and ease of accessibility of the Internet via cell phones and laptops, the launch of is an extraordinary and timely opportunity for travelers to enjoy a superior travel experience.  Travel customer, N.Call of Salt Lake City exclaims, “Wow!  I love that I can actually upload photos onto my profile and document where we were and what we were doing at the time of each photo.  My husband loves that we can access our reservation numbers here!  No longer are we going to be writing the numbers on little notes that get lost around the house.  I can’t wait to share our vacations with family and friends and to get ideas from other members for our next vacation experience!” is the best-in-class, solutions-oriented travel organizing and sharing site that is accessible for free by travelers all around the world. 

The site includes six strategies that help travelers increase the quality and depth of their travel experiences.  These six strategies include:

Before you leave:
ORGANIZE:  Build your perfect trip itinerary online.
PLAN:   Fill your trip with activities recommended by your friends.

While you’re there:
TRAVEL SMARTER:  Keep flight/reservation numbers at your fingertips.
EXPERIENCE MORE:  Use you friends’ recommendations to make it a trip to remember.

When you return:
DOCUMENT:  Create a trip journal and upload photos.
SHARE:  Rate activities and make recommendations.

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Monday, July 26, 2010

Inspired Lemonade Unveils Creative PR Services, Inspired By The Down Economy. NOT EXPENSIVE. JUST CREATIVE.

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Inspired Lemonade Unveils Creative PR Services, Inspired By The Down Economy.

Salt Lake City, Utah, July 26, 2010-Public relations guru,, introduces the launch of the finest creative public relations and creative services, provided in first-class form without the first-class price tag.  Timely and tech-savvy public relations through includes press releases, custom logo creation, social media links, writing and editing, as well as other personalized, first-class creative services. 

Owner of Inspired Lemonade, Natasha Call says: “We invite small companies to join those already using the creative services provided by Inspired Lemonade.  By doing so, they will find that we are extremely creative and efficient, and that their bottom-line doesn’t take the hit it may otherwise take with a large traditional PR firm.  We don’t play the political games, or treat you like a number.  Instead, you’ll find that we are honest, down-to-earth, tech-savvy, and give you great ROI that you cannot obtain through a tradition firm.”

Inspired Lemonade provides services that are customized to your individual company needs, instead of the “package” that has been used over and over for other clients.  At, “relations” is the key factor in their PR.  From assisting with custom logo creation and other graphic design needs, to social media interaction on your company’s behalf, Inspired Lemonade provides customer service that is second to none.  You won’t find hidden fees, or other undesirable company traits, just pure, creative PR. 

With the incredible upsurge in use and ease of accessibility of the Internet, the introduction of Inspired Lemonade’s finest creative PR is an extraordinary and timely opportunity for small businesses to enjoy first-class, personalized public relations without the first-class price tag. is the best-in-class, solutions-oriented, creative PR guru that personalizes PR, providing amazing ROI.

Some of the key services provided with Inspired Lemonade are:

Press Releases

Social Media PR

Custom Logo Creation

Other Graphic Design Services

Writing and Editing


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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Branding Consultant. What do they do?

According to PrimeCD,  a Banding Cnsultant is defined as follows.

Branding consultant

Branding is a buzzword that’s worked its way into the permanent lexicon. Companies, organizations and even individuals want to have a brand — an identity that customers instantly recognize and respond to positively. Much of that branding is formed online, via ad campaigns, press and customer interaction. Branding consultants help companies identify what type of brand they want and then they help create it and keep it consistent through all outlets. They know the likes and dislikes of their target audience, so they try to be in front of them as much as possible to get exposure and gauge their reactions. The placement of banner ads, the spread of viral videos and other places you see a company’s advertisements are the results of branding consultants’ efforts.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Customer Loyalty

According to BusinessTown.Com, companies should

"Strategize And Plan For Loyalty!

Do you even have a specific plan for building customer loyalty?

I bet you haven't given it as much thought as you should- because to tell the truth I need to give it more effort also.
If you currently retain 70 percent of your customers and you start a program to improve that to 80 percent, you'll add an additional 10 percent to your growth rate.
Particularly because of the high cost of landing new customers versus the high profitability of a loyal customer base, you might want to reflect upon your current business strategy.

These four factors will greatly affect your ability to build a loyal customer base:
  • Products that are highly differentiated from those of the competition.

  • Higher-end products where price is not the primary buying factor.

  • Products with a high service component.

  • Multiple products for the same customer."
All of which makes perfect strategic sense.  Customer service and customer loyalty go hand-in-hand and quality is king.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Product Positioning

According to, the steps to product positioning include

1 Conduct interviews with target market in your product's niche to gain relevant insights.

2 Assess the competition.

3 Develop a thorough understanding of your product's attributes and features.

4 Conduct internal positioning workshops with your team.

5 Create positioning statements.

6 Conduct qualitative positioning testing to provide a diverse range of subjective viewpoints about your product.

7 Uncover emotional connections to your brand.

8 Conduct quantitative market research to refine insights about your positioning options.

9 Craft the final statement and ensure buy-in from all internal stakeholders.

10 Write the creative brief.

Other sites may state the procedure differently, but give the same gist.  Here is what Wikipedia states about product positioning.

"Generally, the product positioning process involves:

Defining the market in which the product or brand will compete (who the relevant buyers are)

Identifying the attributes (also called dimensions) that define the product 'space'

Collecting information from a sample of customers about their perceptions of each product on the relevant attributes

Determine each product's share of mind

Determine each product's current location in the product space

Determine the target market's preferred combination of attributes (referred to as an ideal vector)

Examine the fit between:

The position of your product

The position of the ideal vector


The process is similar for positioning your company's services. Services, however, don't have the physical attributes of products - that is, we can't feel them or touch them or show nice product pictures. So you need to ask first your customers and then yourself, what value do clients get from my services? How are they better off from doing business with me? Also ask: is there a characteristic that makes my services different?

Write out the value customers derive and the attributes your services offer to create the first draft of your positioning. Test it on people who don't really know what you do or what you sell, watch their facial expressions and listen for their response. When they want to know more because you've piqued their interest and started a conversation, you'll know you're on the right track.

Brand Management

According to Wikipedia

"A good brand name should:

  • be protected (or at least protectable) under trademark law.

  • be easy to pronounce.

  • be easy to remember.

  • be easy to recognize.

  • be easy to translate into all languages in the markets where the brand will be used.

  • attract attention.

  • suggest product benefits (e.g.: Easy-Off) or suggest usage (note the tradeoff with strong trademark protection.)

  • suggest the company or product image.

  • distinguish the product's positioning relative to the competition.

  • be attractive.

  • stand out among a group of other brands. "

How can you be sure that your brand is managed appropriately?  Ask a professional.  Branding will make or break your company.  Yes, it is that important!

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